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Why Drug Test


1. Candidates that are drug-free have a lower turnover, reducing hiring and training costs.
2. A well-publicized pre-employment drug testing program will "pre-screen" unwanted job candidates.
3. Drug-free employees have fewer health problems, creating lower health costs.
4. Drug abusers create worker's compensation claims at more than twice the level of non-abusers.
5. Drug abusers are four times more likely to injure a fellow employee.
6. Employee theft is a significantly greater problem with drug abusers.


1. The risk of injury is not isolated only to athletics. A school is responsible for the health and safety of its students during all extracurricular activities, including traveling to and from such activities.
2. With athletes there is a risk of physical harm to the user and other players. Athletes must be healthy to withstand the rigors of sports. Since drug use impairs health and reaction time, it is beneficial to drug test student athletes to reduce the risk of physical harm to the tested student and other athletes.
3. Random drug testing is not currently mandatory for all students in public schools, but a program can be administered to students who have voluntarily chosen to participate in extracurricular activities. Students are free to not participate and thus avoid a drug test.
4. Student athletes and students in extracurricular activities take leadership roles in the school community. They set an example for other students, many of who are vulnerable to illicit drug use. Deterring drug use by athletes and students in extracurricular activities has a beneficial effect on all students.
5. Students are children under the temporary custody of the school and the schools takes on the role of surrogate parent.
6. Public school children have less expectation of privacy than the general population because they have to submit to physical examinations, including urine tests, and be vaccinated.
7. School athletes have even less of a expectation of privacy because communal undressing is inherent in athletics. Additionally, they are subject to more stringent and frequent medical examinations.


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