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Employers, law enforcement and others have discovered that hair testing provides significant advantages over traditional urine testing. The advantages include a wider window of detection (90 days), less invasive and easier collection, and virtual elimination of tampering with the test. The standard hair-5 panel includes cocaine, opiates, amphetamines (including ecstasy), PCP, and marijuana.

Other Services

bulletExpert Witness Services
bulletForensic (Legal) Hair Testing
bulletCertification for Hair Sample Collectors

Expert Witness Services

DTS's trained staff has experience in Court testimony at State and Federal levels. We stand behind our procedures and test results. Contact DTS for details of our Expert Witness Services.

Forensic (Legal) Hair Testing

Forensic Hair Testing is required when laboratory results may be utilized for legal purposes in a civil or criminal case. These cases may include divorce, child custody, probation, arbitration or any other matter requiring resolution of questions about drug abuse.

These cases may require consulting with legal or judicial consul prior to laboratory acceptance of the specimen. The sample collection may be performed by a third party or by DTS personnel at our facility.

Forensic hair specimens are analyzed under strict forensically acceptable criteria. The samples are prepared, tested and analyzed individually, not processed with other samples. Special calibrators and controls are utilized with every forensic specimen.

Each forensic sample received will first be evaluated for proper chain of custody procedures and collection methods. The client will be contacted if errors/omissions are discovered.

Results are critiqued by forensic chemists and the Laboratory Director to ensure accurate and thorough analyses have been performed. Each test report is accompanied by a litigation package. This package provides a complete copy of all appropriate documents relating to the receipt, handling, analysis and interpretation of results.

Typical analytical turnaround times are 7-10 working days from sample receipt.

The Forensic Hair Analysis Fee is based on the services required. Contact D.T.S (888-362-3228) for a quote.


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